Getting To Know Each Other

Hello there, its Helen here from Artisan Holidays :-)  It is a new year and everyone is busy making New Year’s resolutions and setting new goals, whether they are personal, business or other. We have our goals too, one of which is getting to know you better and also introducing ourselves to you! To do that, we’d like to invite you to ‘our home’ for a chat about travels and travelling, about you and your dreams, about your next adventure or little journey as well as your past great travel experiences. Let’s have a yummy bite of traditional foods from interesting countries, have a cup of coffee or sip a glass of good wine as the thoughts and dreams flow!

Trevor and I are like many of you, busy parents to our three beautiful kids – Michael 3.5 and twins Chris and Steph 1.5. We juggle between the everyday challenges and our business which we run from home. We are both originally from Europe, Trevor is English, I’m Estonian (yes, yes, the country where Skype was developed ;) ). Our passions are travelling (well that was a surprise ;)) and adventure, Trevor loves mountain biking and tennis and I’m also a yoga instructor and love cooking and baking. Our family have also been through a cancer journey, which have changed many of the perspectives in our lives and what is really important for us.  Trevor’s Hodgins Lymphoma was diagnosed in 2011 and after chemo and radio treatments, he’s been in remission since 2012. We were so lucky to have beaten it at early stages.

Our next big adventure will be in coming July-August, visiting family and friends in Europe but also planning to go for a campervan tour in the Alps and all that with our 3 toddlers! Told you it’s an adventure ;)  But what is yours? Where do you want to go, what do you want to see? Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you!

With love,

Helen and Co